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Smart GE supply a range of commercial brake testers to suite all your requirements, from pre-testing to full ATF machines. Click to see our full range

Automatic Tyre Changers

Smart Garage Equipment supply a range of automatic and lever less tyre changers to suite all your requirements. Our tyre machines range from entry level swing arm type tyre changers to fully automatic and professional lever less models. Feel free to contact us for advice or further information

Werther International 200/22 Tyre Changer

werther tyre changer
Werther International 200/2  Automatic Tyre Changer and Assist Arm
High quality tyre changer and assist arm manufactured for Werther international. suitable for run-flat and low profile tyres as well as standard wheels. designed to suite garages and tyre shops with quality in mind at an affordable price tag

Features include
• 11"-24" rim clamping
• Inflating gun
• alloy rim protection kit
• Complete with assist arm
• single or 3 phase
Price  POA

M&B TCC522 PG Automatic Tyre Changer

TC522 PG Automatic Tyre Changer and Assist Arm

Top quality automatic tyre changer and assist arm manufactured in Europe. suitable for run-flat and low profile tyres as well as standard wheels
TC522 / TC525 / TC528 range: it represents a new generation of tyre changing machines designed to provide all the best solutions for the mounting and demounting of all tyre types available on the market. The problems that arise from constant changes in the tyre and wheel sector (UHP and Run Flat - RSC) require special consideration. With these models, M&B is on the cutting edge in the resolution of problems and setting quality standards.

Features include
10"-23" rim clamping
• Inflation gun
• Complete with assist arm
• Single or 3 phase
Price £POA

M&B TC555 SL Leverless professional tyre changer

M&B TC 555 SL professional leverless tyre changer
The TC 555 SL is an automatic tyre changer using LL (Lever Less) technology, with centre post turntable and a “combi” bead breaking system: with disc and with blade. The TC 555 SL tyre changer  is designed to work on all latest generation UHP and Run Flat tyres, that is very hard and challenging, and also on conventional wheels up to a maximum rim diameter of 30 “

Options include
Closed centre and reverse rim adapter
• Kit for light truck wheels
Price £POA

M&B TC522 LL Leverless Professional Tyre Changer

M&B TC522 LL Leverless Tyre Changer
TC522 LL / TC528 LL range: it represents a new generation of automatic tyre changers using Lever Less technology (M&B Patent), designed to provide the best solutions for the mounting and demounting of all last generation wheels available on the market (UHP and Run Flat - RSC). The new LL working technology combined with the traditional turntable with clamps allows the operator to maintain the working procedures unchanged, to reduce his physical effort and not to vary the demount and mounting timing.

Features include
•10" - 23" Rim diameter
•Assist Arm
•Available in single or 3 phase with variable speed option

Price £POA

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