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Brain Bee Emissions Analysers

The Brain Bee Omni 800 range of emission analysers brings premium quality products together with cutting edge technology and user friendly features, to create a high quality emission package with a proven track record.

The Omni 800 range offers combined petrol and diesel emission testing to the highest standard and surpasses all UK MOT requirements, plus adds many features that ensures the Omni 800 leads the market in technology and user friendliness.

The Omni 800 is offered in four different configurations
The Omni 800 Lite - The Omni 800 - The Omni 800 Blue - The Omni 800 Modular

All four versions offer outstanding features and performance but enable customers to choose the best match to their requirements. The Omni 800 range can also be further expanded with some useful optional accessories.

The success and reliability of the Omni 800 range is built on three essential components, the AGS200 Gas bench, The OPA100 smoke chamber and the MGT300EVO Bluetooth/RF RPM module. These market leading components are used by many emission analyser manufacturers in the UK and renowned as the leading products in their field. As a result Brain Bee confidently offer 2 years warranty on all emission stations.

Brain Bee OMNI 800 Blue

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Brain Bee Omni 800 Blue

The Omni 800 Blue has all the great features of the Omni 800 emission analyser above. However in the Omni 800 Blue version the gas & diesel monitoring heads and the power supply are mounted on an additional trolley which has Bluetooth communication and is cable free from the main cabinet, enabling it to be moved freely around the workshop.

This cutting edge design means the gas & smoke heads and the engine RPM & temperature are all communicated cable free, leaving the workshops clear of cables and trip hazards.

• All features of the Omni 800
• Mobile gas & smoke head trolley
• Cable free Bluetooth communication
• No trip hazards in the workshops
• Mobile trolley can be outside or long distances away
• Full flexibility of location of equipment

Optional 3 year and 5 year extended care plan
Lease From 2-5 Years. Contact Us For A Quote

Brain Bee Omni 800

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Brain Bee Omni 800

The Omni 800 offers a high quality, user friendly emission analyser with a robust and stylish design. The cabinet has useful internal storage and houses the Windows mini PC and power supply. The top quality Gas and Diesel analysers secure neatly on the side of the cabinet with long cables and hoses. The large 19" LCD colour monitor displays the clear screen shots and enables the test to be complete quickly and accurately.

• Combined Gas & Smoke analyser
• DVSA MOT approved
• PC based Windows10 operating system
• High quality, easy to follow graphics
• 19” LCD LED colour monitor
• Brother high spec laser printer
• Fast warm up and measuring time
• Fast pass and Bets test configured
• Cable free RPM & Temp readings via MGT-300EVO
• Stylish cabinet with enclosed storage
• Proven track record in the UK

Optional 3 year and 5 year extended care plan
Lease From 2-5 Years. Contact Us For A Quote

Brain Bee Lite

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Brain Bee Omni 800 Lite

The new and exciting Brain Bee Omni Lite delivers all the outstanding features and quality of the Brain Bee range of emission analysers, but at an amazing low price. The Omni 800 Lite has been designed using the latest technology and modern designs to take emission testing to a new level.

Removing the conventional PC for a modern tablet, using cable-free communication and using a smaller trolley has enabled us to reduce the price significantly. However, no compromise has been taken on the market leading AGS200 gas module, OPA100 smoke module or the MGT300 RPM and oil temp module, making this a truly reliable machine with a proven track record.

The Omni 800 Lite uses cable-free technology throughout its design, enabling it to be moved freely around the workshop. This cutting edge design means the gas and smoke heads and the engine RPM and temperature module, together with the Windows tablet, are all communicated cable-free, leaving the workshops clear of cables and trip hazards.

The Omni 800 Lite uses a high spec Windows 8.1, Bluetooth, touch-screen tablet with rugged case to record the vehicle details and control the emission tester's operation. This can be easily used anywhere in and around the vehicle completely cable-free from the emission tester modules, and the results sent to an optional WiFi printer.

• Petrol and diesel combined emission analyser
• DVSA approved to latest specification
• Cable-free technology throughout
•Windows 8.1 10" touch screen tablet
• Cable-free RPM and oil temp module
• Bluetooth communication system
• Well proven AGS200 petrol and OPA100 diesel modules
• Optional WiFi printer
• 2 year warranty

Optional 3 year and 5 year extended care plan

Brain Bee Modular

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Brain Bee Omni 800 Modular

The Omni 800 Modular brings a new and modern integrated emission analyser concept to your MOT bay. With the increased computerisation of the MOT bay we can now integrate the emission analyser into the computerisation of the roller brake tester and combine the display of information onto a single point. This cost effective method enables multiple computer packages to be avoided and a modern integrated appearance made possible.

All you require is the mobile trolley with the Gas & Smoke monitoring heads, which will communicate via Bluetooth with the emission software incorporated in the Roller bake tester computer, therefore alleviating the need for a large trolley and emission PC.

• Modern integrated MOT bay design
• Single information display centre
• Mobile trolley with gas & smoke heads
• Software via Roller brake tester computer
• Bluetooth communication to trolley
• Space saving configuration
• Optional 3 year and 5 year extended care plan

Optional 3 year and 5 year extended care plan

Brain Bee MGT-300 EVO

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The MGT-300EVO universal RPM counter and temperature systems typifies the technological level of the Brain Bee Omni 800 emission analyser. This market leading tool connects to the vehicle and communicates the results via RF or Bluetooth to the AGS200 & OPA100, completely cable free. Furthermore the MGT-300EVO can identify and isolate background noises in the workshop, optimising the accuracy of the values recorded.

• Cable free communication from vehicle
• Bluetooth or RF communication options
• Identifies and isolates background noise
• Oil temperature via dipstick probe
• RPM via engine acceleration sensor
• RPM via battery

Brain Bee EOBD Module

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Optional Accessories

A range of optional accessories are available for the Omni800 range of emission analysers which are developed to enhance the total package to an ultimate level.

Brain Bee Omni 800 Modular

EOBD Module
With this EOBD module it is possible to collect the engine RPM and oil temperature from the OBD diagnostic socket on many vehicles, this is an advantage on modern vehicles where engine RPM can be more difficult to locate an accurate signal. The module communicates via Bluetooth and therefore the only vehicle connections required to carry out a full test is the tailpipe nozzle, oil temperature probe and this EOBD module.

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